Black King Large Mug 15oz

Black King Large Mug 15oz-1
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This 15oz Black King Large Mug will leave you feeling inspired, confident, and ready to dominate your day. It is perfect for an early dose (or evening dose) of inspiration while sipping your favourite tea. It is also microwave and dishwasher safe so there's no need to worry about the image coming off. There's no reason why you shouldn't enjoy your lovely mug for many years to come!

Printing Process
The mugs are made using a professional high quality sublimation printing process.  Sublimation is a chemical process where a solid turns into a gas immediately, without passing through the liquid stage in between. The end result is a high-definition print with an extremely intricate level of detail.

The mugs are packed carefully in smash-proof boxes to ensure a safe delivery.

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