All About Esi Activity Book

Melanin Magic Kids 'All About Esi Activity Book'-1
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You want your girl to grow up as a confident and compassionate individual. It's always a good thing to teach your child, especially at a young age, that she is beautiful, unique, and worthy.

Teaching your child about diversity and self-love can be done in a fun way! Our activity books for children are all about keeping your child busy with engaging activities as they discover the magic of self-empowerment.

Your little girl will learn about Esi The Elephant, one of the MELANIN MAGIC KIDS.

The Melanin magic kids are five unique black animated that all have special gifts and qualities that resemble positive ideals for growing children.

This fun-packed book creatively infuses activities, positivity, and characters that reflect black children. It 'includes word searches, a gratitude journal, colouring pages, empowering messages & mazes.


The activity books include smallplot lines and tasks that are designed to develop;

SELF-LOVE, SELF-IDENTITY & SELF-WORTH for black girls, or simply for those who want to diversify their child's learning and play.

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