The United States of Africa | Board Game | Ages 10+ | 4 Players | 30 Minutes Playing Time Active

United States of Africa Board game Limited Edition
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 United States of Africa Board game Limited Edition

The United States of Africa BoardGame!


This game board goes quickly !!

The Perfect Family Board Game FOR US BY US!

The United States of Africa BoardGame!


This game board goes quickly !!

The Perfect Family Board Game FOR US BY US!

This is the perfect game board of how Africa would be without Colonialism / White Interference. Below are benefits of playing this game with your children.

1. It teaches the financial basics.

It promotes Entrepeneurship, children can understand how finances work and the basic concept of cash.

2. It encourages kids to do math.

The ability to do quick math is enormously useful in life and in business. This game reinforces addition, subtraction, and even fractional multiplication.

3. It teaches property ownership.

As we know the education system is against us and financial litrecay is not something we are taught in schools. This game teaches Buying and developing rental properties which is a classic business strategy.

4. It teaches how loans work.

Again something we are not taught about. The mortgage rules in this game illustrates that it costs money to borrow money. In a world where debt can cripple generations, this is a life lesson that every child should learn early.

5. It develops negotiation skills.

As in real-life business, you must negotiate with human beings to get what you want.

6. It explains the basics of taxation.

This game identifies and explains the two most common taxes: income and property.

7. It illustrates economic inequality.

While everyone begins with the same amount of money, those who secure states quickly become difficult to beat. This is an illustration of "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer" - an important fact of life for us all.

8. It teaches about Africa

Learn about African Traditions / Cultures / Spirituality and her resources.
This game also promotes repatriation and building up the Continent.
Below are further benefits of playing The United States of Africa Board game!
  1. Is “something to do” for families during the Pandemic.
  2. Promotes bonding and interpersonal connection. 
  3. Boosts confidence and firm decision-making skills.
  4. Reduces the risk of mental degradation.
  5. Promotes spending wisely to avoid debt.
  6. Boosts memory formation and cognitive skills.
  7. Teaches entrepreneurship / basic money management.
  8. Reduces stress and boosts the immune system.
  9. Provides common ground to bridge generational gaps.
  10. Releases endorphins in the brain.
  11. Teaches the importance of diversifying investments (portfolio).
  12. Develops emotional handling/management skills.
  13. Teaches the importance of calculating risks.
  14. Shows the importance of building, but not fully relying on relationships.
  15. Develops effective negotiation skills.
  16. Keeps your brain healthy. 

The United States of Africa boardgame took our team 9 months to research, design / implement and we are so happy to finally have it completed for you to enjoy.




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