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Liam Patrick

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As the Founder of Beard Culture London, I am proud to share my journey and my creation with you. My name is Liam and my beard journey began after becoming increasingly frustrated with having to shave constantly. I found that the dedication and patience necessary to grow a beard was a way of life and something that complemented other aspects of my life where discipline and focus were needed. Beard Culture London was founded on positive vibes and integrity with the primary focus on creating men’s grooming products that we could be proud of. We began by building an online urban hub for men that take pride in their beards, hair and appearance. The plan was to cultivate a space where men could come together online to feel inspired, supported and pick up tips to look good and feel great. I was able to connect with men globally and quickly established that we shared the same negative experiences when choosing or using beard or skin care products. These conversations would frequently happen and I would often share anecdotes about my beard growth journey. One story in particular that I would share was that I would often use random products on my face just to make my beard shine. I would be attracted by their smell and even by their marketing. This would lead me to believe that certain products would make my beard grow with no side effects. My lack of understanding about the health benefits and the importance of the quality of the products that we put into our skin resulted in me battling weak hair growth, irritated skin with a dry and itchy beard. This led me on a journey of discovery to research, innovate and develop premium quality, 100% natural, nourishing, conditioning and moisturising products that men can take pride in. We became inspired to enter into the world of men’s grooming after refusing to accept short-term gains at the detriment of long-term side effects from products that damage our hair and skin. BCL is committed to developing men’s knowledge and understanding about the importance of using quality products on their skin and hair. Men should not have to use products packed with harmful chemicals and we should not settle for substandard products that are manufactured just to make a quick pound! Healthy hair growth and exceptional skin care should be an expectation not an afterthought when using grooming products.


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