Why Black Businesses?

Black Pound Day was launched on Saturday 27th June 2020 and was founded by artist and So Solid Crew member, Swiss.

Black Pound Day takes place on the first Saturday of every month and is a solution-based approach set up to support the growth of the UK Black economy. Black Pound Day invites all communities to promote and spend with Black businesses locally and online. Black Pound Day aims to unite all cultures and ethnicities to support Black business and strengthen the UK economy

No. This is a UK based movement. There is a centralised team that assists Swiss in the virtual Black Pound Day HQ. However, this is a movement that has spread across the country through people power. We do have a stronger presence in London and West Midlands through a collaborative approach with local organisations.

Black Pound Day isn’t an honorary or awareness raising date for the diary. It’s a call to action and has a centralised team that helps to coordinate across the country. There is a need for data capture making it important that we have high level oversight.

There are 1000s of businesses and consumers involved in Black Pound Day across the country. It’s a very positive movement and we are very protective of the brand.

We believe it is important everyone has a good Black Pound Day experience. Therefore, organisations wishing to get involved should work with us to make sure the Black Pound Day message doesn’t get diluted.

We are open to partnership providing it is compatible with our ethos, values, and objectives. If you have an idea, please discuss it with us so we may explore!

We have 5 agreements which are a set of principles we’d expect the Black community of the movement to adopt.


  1. I agree to share my knowledge, skills and resources whenever possible for the benefit of my community.
  2. I agree to pursue the economic interests of my community by supporting black owned businesses, consistently.
  3. I agree as a consumer to seek out products produced by my community whenever possible.
  4. I agree to give constructive feedback to my local or online black business.

I agree to share my positive experience of my local or online black business with my community.

George Floyd’s murder opened a global debate into social economical disadvantages faced by the black community. Black Pound Day is not affiliated to the Black Lives Matter movement. However, it is a positive action community powered response to helping to address some of the economic issues faced by black businesses.

Black owned businesses contribute as much as £25- £32 billion to the UK economy annually. However, black owned businesses are still twice as likely to be denied a loan than a white entrepreneur. Black businesses also receive just 1% of venture capitalist investments…….

Black Pound Day is a positive action to bring black business closer to an even playing field.

Black Pound Day is not about boycotting non-black businesses. It’s simply about making a concerted effort to support black enterprises and particularly on Black Pound Day.

Everyone! We invite all parts and sectors of the wider community to take part in Black Pound Day. Black Pound Day contributes towards strengthening the UK economy and shoppers can be introduced to a wide range of independent businesses.

Black Pound Day has seen an increase of revenue for several businesses across the country. The first Black Pound Day generated an additional £61,940 in revenue. This was based on the receipts submitted as evidence from consumers.

There have been several new black businesses launched on Black Pound Day. Online shoppers have told us that they have purchased goods from new businesses they have been exposed to across the country.

Bridging the inequalities gap is a priority for most cities, towns and boroughs. Black Pound Day is just one of many initiatives that can support this ambition and wider social inclusion agenda.

Many led black businesses fall into the SME category. Supporting Black Pound Day will assist in raising the profile of local black businesses and support the local economy.

We encourage people to interact with Black Pound Day through the official social media channels. So please follow, engage and tag us into posts. The official handles are:

Instagram @bdpofficial

Twitter @blackpoundday

Facebook @blackpoundday

For up to date information or to read our blogs you can subscribe to the Black Pound Day website URL: https://blackpoundday.uk

We ask people to use the hashtag whenever posting or making referencing to the initiative.

#BlackPoundDay #BlackPoundReceipt